Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, Pat and I went out to get a Christmas tree on December 2, 2009.  We went to Whispering Pines to the NE of here.  I've ALWAYS wanted to go there, but for whatever reason, we always just stuck to the Christmas tree farms around home....but this year I finally talked Pat into making the big trip!  We had pretty good luck.  I found this "OOMPAH-LOOMPAH" tree first...

After this, we headed for our intended target, the Balsam Fir lots.  The trees were not as deep and dark green as I wanted.  So I scampered over to the next lot which held the Frasier Firs.  The Frasiers had MUCH better color, but the branches were shorter and weaker as a whole...but then...just as I was about to give up, I saw THIS:

Yes, I'm pretty sure I heard a choir of angels singing when I found this tree.  It was a great color, had a great shape and we wouldn't have to cut half of it off for it to fit in the house.  So we definitely had a winner!

As you can see I take my Christmas tree hunting very seriously!  My darling hubby cut that monster down for me, while I was supposed to be holding it and pushing it away from him so it wouldn't fall on him.  So you can see my "please don't fall on Pat!" face above, as well as my final hug to our tree for fulfilling it's Christmas destiny and letting me cut it down to bring it home.  LOL  Not to worry...I have beautified it very much.  I have a pic from when I put the lights on....

Love this tree with all my heart! It's now decorated with ornaments from many years and a grapevine/berry star and a bright red bow!  There was a tree I got a couple years ago, that actually tipped over a couple times before Christmas...I wanted to throw that tree out and get a new one, but no one would let me!
December 9, our first snow storm.  "Allison".  She left 17" of snow in her wake.  We went from having no snow at all, to a complete white out!
Here's the view from my bedroom window during the storm...

December 11, MN Amy came out to visit me for the day!  We had shopping and a trip to the Botanical Gardens light display on our minds, as well as meeting up with Ali at Olive Garden for dinner later on.  So we headed out into the cold with her mighty Sport Track, and braved the below zero wind chills.  Here are some pics from the Botanical Gardens...

These are the awesome purple daisies and sunflowers you see when you first walk in the gardens...

This was the Caterpillar vortex you walk through...SO COOL! All LED lights!

One of the many butterflies...

This is my favorite place in the garden.  A gazebo with stars cut out of the copper dome on the top!  It doesn't show up well in the picture, but it's there, believe me!

This is Amy and I in front of the gazebo!

Back into the heart of the caterpillar!

One last pic of Amy and I before leaving the gardens! 
Now my days are filled with Christmas tree set up, deocorating, and bow making.  Christms card writing and Christmas shopping.  Thank God for online shopping (and BING!)!  Can't wait til all the gifts are in the house and I can begin wrapping them!  Woot!  I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful New Year!

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