Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, Christmas is still very much on my mind.  And since I'm laying in bed both writing this blog and thumbing through my new December issue of Martha Stewart's REALLY on my mind.  I started working on a couple of the things I said I needed to do in the previous post.  I DID send out the order for my Christmas cards (LOVE the "bill me later" option!) and I did start making a gift list for everyone I WANT to buy for and I did start making my own "wish list"...which consists mostly of clothes (Fox), DVD's and books.  There's not much else I can have someone else buy for me...I'm pretty fussy all around.  I told my mom today I was going to write a letter to "Santa" and hope and pray he really DID exist.  She says "he does"'t have burst my bubble about that when I was 8 years old then, mom. 
I'm very NOT excited about my trip to my new Neurologist tomorrow morning.  I've got to leave the house by 8:30, which isn't early for most, but when you consider the fact that only thing I've HAD to get up for recently was goose hunting....ya, it's a little stressful.  Plus, it's YET ANOTHER new I sit here and ponder what he will be like...will he be young or old? Will he have a warm smile or a terse look plastered on his face? Will he be funny and witty, or dry and dull?  Will he listen to me and my concerns or be a pompus jerk and think he has the answer without even getting to know me or my life for the past 2 1/2 years?  99% of the doctors I have met, fall into the second category.  I've only had one doctor that I truly liked and well....he's not practicing anymore.  (For reasons I DEFINITELY cannot discuss here). 
I've had this horrible stomach pain all day long...well, for the last couple days actually.  The pain that comes from a surgery I had a couple years ago and I was pretty much promised I'd have to have it again.  There's a duct near the pancreas called the "Sphinctor of Oddi".  I don't even know if I spelled it right...but ya know what? I don't even feel bad about it, because, NONE of the medical professionals I've had to explain it to even know what it is!!!  Nice right?  The only one who knows what it is, is the guy who does the surgery.  And with the level of pain I've been having recently, and the frequency of it....I'm thinking another surgery is right around the corner.  NOT COOL.
So....what else?  Well, I'm thinking about my Christmas card list.  I have the list I saved from last year, but I know there are several people I want to add to it this year...for one reason or another.  So I have to get going on that.  I try to start writing my cards out during the "rifle season/Thanksgiving" holiday be sure that I get them all out by December 1.  Last year I was way behind and I didn't even get to send them out to all the people I wanted to.  This year I might be participating in a "Christmas card exchange" program through a local blogger girl.  It sounds exciting! Getting Christmas cards from people you don't even know, from all over the country!  Sounds like maybe it could help infuse me with some of that holiday cheer that is missing this year....
I would really like to go out "shopping" (or in my case, LOOKING) on Black Friday.  No one in my family dares to go out on that day but I get a rush from it!  Great deals, and sometimes alot of great items are gone after that day!  But the only Black Friday shopping I will be doing is from my laptop I think.
I also hope we get some snow soon.  Right now everything is just brown and dead and....depressing.  At least with a new fallen snow, everything looks and smells so fresh and clean!  Like a new start! The white snow being an empty canvas for endless possibilities!  Plus, it really helps with the deer hunting....
I've been thinking about doing a lot of "homemade" gifts this year...but the problem is that I don't do anything "half-ass" and therefore, would still end up paying through the bum for embellishments, and containers and such.  Can't a girl catch a break here?? I've been trying to win the hasn't been working out.  I pick all these really great numbers, but the lottery people don't seem to like them as much as I do. Go figure.
I think maybe the Tamiflu has helped with my overall recovery from whatever it is that I have...but I definitely am still feeling it's wrath.  How many more days must I suffer??  By the time the 20th (New Moon release day) I will be walking on sunshine one way or another! So far, Felicia, myself, Mike and The Godfather plan to go.  If everything works out and The Godfather can get off of work for it, he can easily swing by and pick me up and bring me home!  SCORE! Then no one would have to go REALLY far out of their way to pick me up...otherwise Felicia might hafta swing out and get me.  She said she would...but she lives a long way away and I would feel bad then.  It really sucks not being able to drive! GRRR!
Ya know, Martha Stewart is a freaking genius...she makes billions of dollars off not only her own ideas, but the 100's of people that work for her as well....she had the original thought to make something of a normal "daytime diva" first, but really....when I sit and think that she's making all this money off "sock monkeys" and "cookies"....crap!  It makes me wonder why I couldn't think of something so genius and yet so simple.  Oh well....maybe "next time".
Oh, one other major item before I go...I finally got the coordinates to place the team's first Geocache the other day.  Mark and I went and using both our GPS's, agreed to the coordinates.  I submitted them and it said right on the site it could take 3 days to get the coordinates reviewed/approved and then submitted on the site.  Well, 3 hours later, I got an email saying the site was approved and on the website....CRAP!  That means people could be looking for this thing and it won't even be there!  So I dragged my butt out of bed the next day (NOT pleasant) and had the hubby take me to Fleet Farm and Gander Mountain to get the container and contents for the cache.  I spent the rest of the afternoon online, feverishly printing out all the necessary documents to go along with the cache, and activating the Geocoin I was going to put inside.  It was down right around 6:00 pm, and I conned Marky and the hubby into placing the cache in its new home! I was soooo excited! In the meantime, I logged on and someone had logged a visit to the cache already, and swore up and down they couldn't find it.  I logged a note apologizing and saying I was new to the "game" and didn't know how quickly things would move along....but that the cache would be placed in the next couple days.  After that I was content...until Marky and the hubby came back...they said the entire cache site area was "demolished".  I couldn't believe what I was hearing...the original location, inside a clump of 4 birch trees, no longer existed.  Someone had actually knocked down 3 of the 4 trees! I was heart broken!  And SO ANGRY!  So I sat silently eating dinner with everyone with this just boiling beneath my skin.  As soon as I was finished I asked Marky to "saddle up" cause we were going to get the cache back.  I disabled it online, with a message stating "why" and we went to retrieve the cache.  It was in its place for a mere half hour.  I felt like a complete failure and worst of all, I felt like because of ME, a piece of really gorgeous land had been destroyed.  When I actually go there, I didn't even recognize the area...whoever was there had knocked down more than the "3" trees and the entire area was trampled.  I was furious.  I wrote a note to the one user who logged a visit, not thinking, it really didn't mean it was "THEM" who did the damage....they were simply the only ones to log a visit.  So after a "heart to heart" with a complete stranger, I have decided that the cache will not go back there....I need to find a whole new spot.  One that will be winter/kid/weather friendly.  And  a place that no one can destroy.  It will be difficult, but perhaps it will come to me soon.
I've most definitely babbled here long enough.
I need to take a hot shower and get ready to watch Dancing With The's the FINAL 5 and only 3 weeks left!!  I have no clue who will win it, but I DO have my favorites picked out.  :o)  I want either Derek and Joanna to win or Mya and Demitry.  Who will it be??? No one really knows...anything could happen yet!
PS If anyone reading this could PLEASE tell me where to find the "spellcheck" would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you! :o)

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