Monday, November 2, 2009


It's been quite some time since I've posted a blog here...I've been busy. Between goose hunting, birthdays, weddings and trips to the north woods, October has been nothing more than a blur...thank goodness I at least have my "tweets" and Facebook statuses to refer to....I'll try my best to catch everyone up.
The last post was from October 17 and  Kraig and Kendall's wedding.  Since then, The Goose Mafia has continued to struggle for the elusive "100 goose".  And we are STILL after him!  We've made it to's right around the corner!!
October 23-25 was spent in the glorious north woods of Boulder Junction.  Small town, big surprises.  Pat and I drove up in Clifford in the pouring rain.  The heated leather seat was uuber comfy all the way there!  We made it all the way to our lodge without the snow falling.  But it wasn't far behind!  I think we were at the lodge for about 2 hours when it started to snow! Good thing I scored the jacuzzi suite when we arrived! We went to eat at Headwaters, where I had a good steak.  It warmed me and filled my belly. :)  After that we went to look for the "spirit deer" without any luck.  Disappointing to say the least.  Then we came back to the lodge to relax and watch the snow fall.

This is the little spike-horn buck that was bedded down outside the back of the lodge.  They are almost like pets, as they stay in town and are safe there. At first we thought this and a doe that was bedded down as well, were going to be the only deer we were going to see on the trip at all.

That is the scene as it was when we woke up on Saturday the 24th.  We planned to take a drive to Pine Lake, where my brother-in-law's relation lives, and then to Little Girl's Point on Lake Superior.  Nice drive and the beach at Lake Superior is great. First we went to breakfast and The Outdoorsman, which is in downtown Boulder Junction.  A rustic place with antiques scattered thoughout, and the absolute GREATEST Stuffed French Toast ever!!!  Layers of cinnamon toast and bananas and strawberries, with bacon on the side, extra crispy and the best cherry coke (secret ingredient is Grenadine) in the Midwest!  After we were all stuffed we headed out on the exact road shown above!  We first hit Pine Lake.

This is a gorgeous lake.  I love when I get the opportunity to visit...which isn't very often.  Here are a couple more pics of the Pine Lake area...

This is a shot of the ATV trail....

A view through Ryan's Aunt's arbor...

Not something we see here in NE Wisconny too often...Halloween lawn decor buried in snow! LOL

Poor Tina...a catastrophe in the making....

One last view of Pine lake through the treetops...
Then it was off to Spirit Lake.  It's a small lake but offers a small park and pavilion.  Perfect during the picnic season.

This is me on the dock at Spirit Lake.
It was a short stay.  But was great to take in the scenery.
Then finally we went to Little Girl's Point, Lake Superior.  I love this beach! It's all stones, and if you're lucky, you can find a semi-precious stone called "Agate".  I was the only one to find an agate that day! WOOT!  It was FREEZING cold, the wind was INSANE!  But we got some good pics!

This is Pat and I on the beach.  The waves were so huge and the winds so strong that all the stones were piled up along the shore.  Right behind where we are standing, is actually like a "cliff". But it stirred up the stones so we had a good chance of finding our little "gems".

And that is my sister, Tina, and I.  We stayed about 30 minutes here, but the wind was fierce and cold and I couldn't feel my fingers or toes by the time we left! Well I think I'm going to have a Part II to this picture uploads keep failing...maybe I've used up too much space?  To be continued....

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