Thursday, November 19, 2009


So this Saturday, just two short days from now, is the rifle season opener for 2009.  For the first time in nearly a decade, things look a little promising for me!  I don't even like to talk about it, for fear I will jinx it.  But really....the woods is ripped to shit right now!
About a week ago, Pat took me for a ride to see a buck bedded down near the road on the property I will be hunting on.  Here's a pic...

Yes, that big boy right there is the target of my affections.  We'll see how season pans out.  Pat is still going up to BJ with his family.  He'll return in time for Thanksgiving.  And this year, I have a new co-hunter.  Marky is coming with me.  Tina froze last year and doesn't have the proper clothing to wear.  Marky isn't going up north and wasn't even going to hunt at all, so this actually works out well.  Maybe he will bring me some good luck.  I'll have to have him "rub my horns" hanging in my stand.  LOL
But before all that happens, tomorrow, Friday, NOVEMBER 20, 2009, is one of the GREATEST DAYS EVER!!!  Myself, Mark, Felicia, Mike M. and Keith are going to the 12:45 PMS showing of NEW MOON!!! OMG I CANNOT WAIT!!!  It should be a blast! So today is a day of relaxing and "prepping" for all the excitement I will be filled with!
Also, Mark and I might go to eat somewhere since Pat has abandoned me for a week....I wish he'd change his tradition to include hunting here at home with me.....*sigh*
Last week Friday, Gram was placed in Sharpe Care. It's only temporary (we hope).  She couldn't get out of bed due to extreme pain in her hip, but they say they can rehabilitate her to be able to come back home.  She's very sad (obviously) but I think she appreciates all the help she gets there.  She is disturbed by some of the other people there and understandably so.  Her roommate seems to buzz all night long just to be a pest and it wakes Gram up.  I guess there is also one man across the hall who will just yell the same thing over and over until someone come to sedate him.  There are alarms going off every time I am there, I don't know how she stays sane.  I wish she could go to a nicer place with private rooms and such.  I see commercials for a place in DePere but Gram can't afford that.  So it's probably not an option.  I wish I had money...I'd bring all the physical therapists to HER and she would never have to leave home.  She'd have round the clock care....*sigh*
Well, that's enough for now.  Time to hit the showers.

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