Monday, September 14, 2009

"Cache this"

I forgot to mention Saturday afternoon the hubby and I were back on speaking terms.  We headed out to the garden (where we can always find peace) and my flowers are so gorgeous! I don't want summer to end...or the blanket of color the flowers provide...but some have already gone to seed, so I set myself to collecting them.  I found seeds on some that I didn't even know made them, so it will be interesting to see if I can get them to grow! I love a challenge! Also, whoever said there is a shortage of bees is full of shit! I have ONE FLOWER (stonecrop) that had about 20 bees on it at one time! Honeys, bumbles, name it! Even one I've never seen looked like an all black bumble!  Cool...
Sunday morning began with a bang.  Had to head to Pulaski for the FIL's birthday party.  I ate waaaay too much, but still made room for the bestest cake in the world!  It was 3 layers of fudgy chocolate cake, and the greatest frosting you can ever even imagine! The MIL really knows cake! I should just start calling her "Mrs. Cake"....hmmm...I might give that a whirl....
Sunday night: the regular season opener for the Green Bay Packers.  Good grief.  It was white knuckles from the 1st to 4th quarter... Now I'm not one to get over excited about a football game...let alone YELL at the tv about "bogus calls" from the refs or pathetic effort by the QB.  But last night....I was a scream'n machine! As if they could hear me through the tv anyway! LOL  I remind myself of my grandpa D.  He used to yell at the refs all the time! In the end, the Pack prevailed, and made some stellar plays along the way.  A-Rod, you don't "suck" but you need work baby.  You're not the well-oiled machine that Favre was...but if you could focus a little bit, you'd be unstoppable!  And for God's sake...stop with all the penalties!! The refs WILL see it!!!  Here's to the beginning of what looks to be a great season!
Ahhhh...Monday...headed out with Ziggo to meet MN Amy in Shawano.  On Friday I left my sunglasses and phone charger in her truck.  How stupid am I? Thank goodness she didn't go back to MN right away! Anyway, she was a sweetheart and met us in Shawano to give it back.  Gotta love that girl.  A LOT.  It was great to see her again and give her a big hug, and she and Ali got me a gift....a cookbook for a G-free diet.  I read Elizabeth Hasslebeck's book about going G-free and all the things that can happen from a gluten allergy and I was like the poster child for all the symptoms.  It won't be an easy up my bread and pasta...oh no...those things are staples in my diet.  But at least this book gives me a starting point to decrease my G intake and hopefully eliminate it completely, along with a lot of my medical issures.  So MN Amy and Ali, thanks for the "new beginning"!  I will be sure to start using it ASAP and let you both know which recipes are awesome-est.  LOL 
After meeting MNA, we had to head back toward home where Ziggo had some bank business to attend to.  Then we got on with the fun stuff! We went geocaching! Zig's never gone before so it was uuber fun to introduce him to the game.  We found all small cache's but went through some treacherous terrain too.  I whacked my head on a beam underneath a bridge and it made a huge "GONG" sound...Zig thought it was a car passing over us, but no, it was indeed, the sound of my cranium meeting metal.  Ouch.  I still have a headache from that!  But in the end we found the cache and all was good.  I could see and walk straight so it was on to the next cache.  We visited my grandparent's on my mom's side in their cemetary (which got a fence upgrade since the last time I was there!! It's GORGEOUS!) and also visited my great grandparents (my dad's mom's parents) in their cemetary as well.  I patted each stone and said "hello" and "goodbye" each time I passed.  It was here where we looked in a pine tree for a cache and a dove flew out at us! I screamed out loud (not good thing to do in could have literally "woke the dead") and then we foudn out why...her nest was there with one baby dove and one egg.  So adorable! We didn't find the cache but I didn't care because seeing that little bird in that nest made me very giddy.  To see a new life beginning in a place where so many "end."  I used to get creeped out by cemetaries, and now, after my secret missions to my gramma's grave on the anniversary of her death and birthday each year, I find them peaceful, tranquil, beautiful even.  So today was no different.  I smiled at those I loved and even at some total strangers with very unique stones.  Cemetary monuments are beautiful.  And I'm so glad the world of geocaching brought them into my life.  I will post a couple pics tomorrow.  My head is still banging and this little girl needs some sleep after hiking  a few miles today in the blistering heat. 
PS The geese still have no patterning...the Mafia is beside themselves trying to "figure them out."  I'm actually looking forward to cooler weather and the "tail winds" to kick in to help push them south for the winter.  Good night all.  Sweet dreams.
PSS They never found the hispanic....

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