Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedded Bliss-ful Times!

Saturday. 8:30 a.m.  Tiddy and I depart on our cake tasting expedition for the day!  We had a 9:15 appointment at Cake Anatomy in Kaukana and we were set to pick up cupcake samples from Hilltop Bakery, also in Kaukauna.  When we walked through the doors at Cake Anatomy, I thought Tiddy's eyes were going to fall out of her head! She stifled a "SQUEE!" and just let out a sigh.  The cakes in the showroom were GORGEOUS.  We both locked in on the same one....almost exactly what she's looking for.  Soon Dawn came out to greet us and the meeting began.  Tiddy asked alot of good questions and the cake samples were scrumptious!  The cakes there are SO DENSE and MOIST that you can't possibly stop eating it once you start! The buttercream is fantastic...and it's made with real BUTTER.  Awesome.  Tiddy was totally enthralled with the confetti cake, while I was mesmorized by the chocolate chocolate chip (really, need I say more?)  And so we gathered our information and when we walked out Tiddy was so elated that we ended up in a sisterly embrace and squeeling like a couple little school girls! LOL  Then it was off to Hilltop Bakery.  We didn't have a formal appointment there, and when we arrived, the person who actually makes the cakes wasn't even there.  We just picked up our boxes of cupcakes, rifled through a book of cake photos and I jotted down the base price list in my BlackBerry.  We weren't overly impressed, which is a bummer because I had high hopes for that little bakery on the corner.......the cupcakes however, were pretty good.  A little on the dry side, but the flavors were yummy!
After stopping back at Tiddy's to say hi to her hubby-to-be and  the kids, she was whisking me away, back home, so I could get ready for the afternoon goose hunt with P.A.T. and The Godfather Goose.  We were particulary excited about this set because we had seen the geese in this exact spot just that morning.  Pat rushed off to the landowner's more than once that day...they were never home! Finally he caught someone who said it would be ok if we hunted there.  So we were stoked!  Pat and I packed up and TGG was set to meet us at the location.  When we headed down the trail to "the spot" I saw a dust of cloud right about where we were supposed to hunt...ugggghhhh....the landowner was there, disking the very field we saw the geese in.  My heart SANK.  But there was a picked cornfield right next to that field so I told Pat we were sticking it out....I had a good feeling despite what had just transpired.  So we started to set up, IN THE DUST CLOUD that the tractor stirred up on every pass, but hey, we are die-hard hunters and what's a little dust in the name of a good hunt?? Bah! Nothing!  Soon TGG was with us, setting up decoys, camoflauging his blind with corn leaves and stalks the picker missed.  By the time we were done, the farmer was gone and all was quiet and the blinds looked PHENOMENAL!

That's a pic of the Godfather Goose's blind...I was particularly proud of how his turned out!  Then the wait was on...the sun was dipping below the woods quickly and we were sucked in by the shadows.  PERFECT.  It wasn't long and we got buzzed by 2 geese.  We were so caught up in story telling that we never heard them coming!  After that we were on "high alert".  Pat spotted a flock about a mile away (LITERALLY) and I urged him to flag them in...he scoffed at me, but soon the flock turned and they were making a B-line for us! I was soooo giddy it was hard to keep quiet.  Pat called them in, and they fell for it all...they never once flared like they were frightened or spooked by our decoys.  I couldn't see them because of how well I covered my blind, so I had to rely on Pat to tell me when to pop out and shoot...At one point I looked up through the leaves and the birds were only about 30 feet above us (if that) and I could hear the "Wooooo-woooo-woooot" of their wings as they flew over.  It was so awesome!  Then Pat whispered "next pass" and I knew it was ON!  He yelled, "shoot em guys!" and we all popped up and by the time I spotted them and got my gun up they were too far to the right for me to get a comfortable shot off...not to worry though, TGG is a southpaw so it was perfect for him and Pat got a couple good shots as well! Feathers rained down and then I heard the unmistakeable "THUD" of a bird hitting the ground!  We had 2 birds down, Pat:1 TGG:  But I really didn't care! I was happy that we successfully called the birds in and we must have decoyed up perfectly as well.  It was awesome!  We saw one other flock a while later, but they were on a mission and heading for the bay, and far away.  So when it was time to pick up, that's just what we did but everyone was smiling at the end of the night.  Kyle came to help pick up and take some of the gear home and he even volunteered to clean the birds.  What a good sport! :o)  TGG headed home, and we headed back to the in-law's and we sat around telling them how awesome the night was and we ate a bowl of chicken soup and then it was time to hit the hay.
Pat and I headed home and it was late when we got here.  My raccoons were here and gone already, so I left out their treats just in case they swung back through in the wee hours of the night.  I was so wound up I couldn't fall asleep and I hadn't taken my medication on time so I decided to read the 2nd book in "The Vampire Diaries" until I got sleepy.  That wasn't until after 11:00 and I was slated to wake up at 3:15.  Well needless to say, that didn't happen.  The combination of taking my meds late and not getting to sleep late made it virtually impossible for me to wake up.  I remember the room spinning whenever I got my eyes open, but for the most part they just kept rolling back in my head.  Not a good situation when you think about the fact that I would be handling a deadly weapon.  So Pat softly told me it would be ok if I didn't go, that he and Kyle could wing it by themselves.  I know I agreed and then I was back out for the count.  A total TKO.  I didn't fully wake up until 11:00 and Pat hadn't come back.  So I called him and he told me that the fog was so thick that although they could hear the geese approaching, they couldn't see them.  So they came home empty handed and sleepy. 
Pat came over right around noon for the Packer game.  I had high hopes for them.  But they blew it.  Right from the start.  Every pass on the opening drive was dropped...and less than 2 minutes into the game, they had to punt it away.  The rest of the game was a blur of me swearing about Harris drawing penalities and A-Rod not getting rid of the ball and getting sacked FIVE TIMES BY THE SAME EFFING GUY!  They looked like a bunch of high school kids out there that had NO CLUE what was going on! If it wasn't for Charles Woodson and his interceptions that were converted  for TD's....they wouldn't have scored at all.  The Pack incurred a ton of injuries today as well, to an already injury-plagued starting line.  I yelled so much at the tv I had to laugh because normally I am yelling at my mom to settle down.  Today, it was ME.  And when "Ochocinco/TacoBurrito/NachoPedro" whatever his name was, pulled the Lambeau Leap into 3 Bengals fans, and the Packer fan flipped off the cameras swarming around him and yelled "FUCK YOU" (you could EASILY read his lips) I had to laugh harder because all I could think was, "dude, you just took the words right out of my mouth!"  The end of the game was even more tragic....The Pack managed to recover their on-side kick and could have tied the game...the passes were being completed and the time was being sucked off the clock so quickly...they had to continuously scurry to the line of scrimmage to spike the ball and stop the clock.  Finally, they were in TD range and the clock wound down seconds before one of the offensive linemen got set.  The game was over...just like that.  It was the worst game in the history of me watching the sport.  UGH.
After that, I was in a crappy mood.  I took a shower and then Pat and I ran to Shopko for some miscellaneous things I needed.  (Soap, shampoo, etc.)  But before I was getting ready, I put my contacts in and then I walked away from the mirror and somewhere from the mirror to the other side of the hall, I lost my contact, that previously I believed to have been put in my eye...I have NO IDEA where that thing went...and OF COURSE, it's my last pair and OF COURSE the vision center is closed at this time on a Sunday and so now I have to wait until tomorrow to see if they even have them in stock.  The bigger picture: I CANNOT hunt until I have them.  I don't wear glasses...I never have.  I went straight to contacts and never looked back.  So I pray that tomorrow morning when I call them, they have some GOOD NEWS and tell me they have a box of my special "Oasis" preservative free super silicone-ee contacts in stock.  Or it will be ANOTHER bad day!
On the up-side, my furry raccoon buddies showed up right on time tonight and they were just as comical as ever! I just can't get over how they fight over marshmallows! I mean...who knew?!
It's most definitely time for me to wind down.  I think I will continue reading my latest B&N e-reader book, The Shack.  I read the "Forward" today already and I'm intrigued....Thank goodness I don't need contacts to read!!!!!

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