Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To The Farmers Market I Go, Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho!!!

Although today didn't have a good start, it got better.  My sis said she would pick me up after work and we would hit the GB Farmers Market so that made me happy.  I had been online the majority of the day but put my laptop to bed before I got ready to go.  When I came out Tina kept asking me why my laptop wouldn't open. I didn't understand what she meant until she showed me, IT WOULDN'T OPEN! Now this comes after not having it for like month, because I had shattered the LCD.  I finally got it back ($450.00 later) and now the damn thing won't open!?!  Yikes.  NOT COOL.  So before the FM we decided to swing by the PC shop and ask them what was up.  I tried opening it on the way there, but didn't wanna force it because it felt like if I did, "something" was going to snap.  We got there and the first tech that greeted us couldn't get it to open either.  She wasn't comfortable reef'n on it so she said she would take it back to the tech that originally worked on it.  She left and soon after she came back laughing.  The tech in back had opened it without ANY we tested it a few more times, and then decided it was fixed.  Cool.  Crisis averted.  So off to Tina's to meet mom when she was finished working so she could go to the FM with us.  I love the FM! There's so much there! Things you don't expect.  Like, for instance, I scored the absolute coolest dog treats for my pups!
The first is for Luke.  A peanut butter paw print sucker! It's as big as my hand! And it's got a rawhide stick.  The second ones are for Harm and Harley.  "Ice cream cones" filled with a doggy-friendly banana muffin and frosting with sprinkles! LOVE THESE!  They are from the Perfect Pet Gift Shop and Bakery.  I can't wait to get more. :o)
I also picked up a key lime rum cake that Weetabix raved about in her blog....
I have yet to dive into it...I was stupid and actually ate dinner tonight...shouldda just feasted on this cake! They offered free samples of the vanilla flavored cake and it was SINFULLY delish!  I'll let you know just how wonderful it is! YUM!
I also scored some necessities, corn on the cob, yellow wax beans, and some honey wheat bread.  I'm canning vegetable soup tomorrow and those were the only things I didn't have.  So tomorrow will be a busy day of me being all "Chef-ee" and taking over mom's kitchen once again!  I love cooking! :o)
The other thing at the FM that really caught my eye was the gorgeous array of flowers! OMG! I love flowers and the ones that were there today were fabulous! The zinnias, sunflowers, gladiolas, and some magenta colored pompus grassy stuff was awesome! I wished I could just lay down in the  middle of them all and stay there forever!
I need to back up a day and talk about my good friend Jeanne...well, all my friends really.  But yesterday was my day to hang with J.  She took me to GB to Cold Stone Creamery and treated me to ice cream.  I chose butter pecan with pecans and caramel....TO DIE FOR!!! YUM-O!  And then we were off to Barnes & Noble, a favorite place of mine, where I picked Julie & Julia and Julia Child's famous cookbook.  We stopped at a gas station where J bought me a lottery ticket and we vowed that if either of us won, we'd split it and the first thing we would do is jet off to Hawaii.  You have no idea how bad I want to win!!! Good luck J! 
It's been a rough week, but my girlfriends from far and near, have come through for me in ways you can't imagine.  They have spoiled me rotten and their kindness and love was just overflowing.  I'm so greatful and so lucky to have them. 
That pretty much brings me to the here and now, and here and now I am tired from a long day and need to rest so I'm ready to put my Chef-ee hat on tomorrow!

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