Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roger that...we've got a 10-80...

So this is not what I thought I would be doing at approximately 12:20am, while reading a book in bed, I heard sirens approaching. I got up and actually saw 3 cops go screaming past my house lights blazing, sirens whaling...they didn't go very far because I heard when they shut them off...hmmmm?? Shortly there after, an ambulance goes by with lights on but no sirens...hmmmmm??? Not 5 minutes later a vehicle pulls in our driveway. The headlights shut off and I can see a person lit only by the dome light inside. Then the headlights came back on...then the peraon comes walking up the sidewalk...oh thank god it's my older brother-but wait-WTF is he doing here at 12:30am? Doesn't really matter. He stopped to talk to the swarm of cops up the road and it turns out they are looking for a hispanic male wearing a white tshirt who obviously led them on a high speed chase resulting in him (the hispanic) crashing his vehicle just up the road from my house. And he fled the scene. We watched cops drive by slowly with their spot lights shining in the yards and fields and stopping at our neighbor's house to check things out. So of course I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed (not) after my night last night and here I am now, wide awake, scared to go to bed because some stupid dipshit thinks he's too cool for school or something. Augh. I need sleep. I'm fucking exhausted. The last thing I heard while standing by an open window was a cop talking over his loud speaker, mumbling and then saying "this is the police"...but our neighbors are (were) having a party and they were talking loudly so I couldn't make the whole thing out. Now it's gone eerily quiet and I don't like it. We need a scanner. Then we'd know if they found the little creatan or not and I would know if it was safe to go to bed or not...hmmm. Note to self: buy a fucking scanner tomorrow! (Well today-but later today). Updates as they occur...Angi-out.

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