Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday (Thursday) didn't go exactly as previously planned.  When I woke up, I had a massive headache, which pretty much 86'd all my wonderful ideas about canning the veggie soup.  Not only that, but, I forgot I needed carrots.  So the hubby and I re-planned the day. 
Up first, a ride to the woods to check out the new paint job on my deer stand.  The hubby and Mechanical Dan painted it for me a couple weeks ago.  It's pretty nice.  I mean, for a wooden tower in the middle of the woods!  I went up inside...and realized I need to get in there and CLEAN so bad!!  Windows that can't be closed (yet) attract birds and other critters and so they had made themselves at home.  It's ok.  Nothing a broom and dustpan can't fix!  I have pics...but they are on my camera and the camera is in my car, and the hubby has my car so....I'll have to insert them later.  Then I walked over to the memorial for my 2 kitties, Baby and Meegers.  I knelt down to say "hi" and to pet their cross and to clear some of the vegetation out of the way.  I'd like to maybe plant some flowers there...  Then we cruised the entire woods on my dad's quad.  So much fun! We rode past everyone's deer stands, inlcuding my Gramp's...he harvested alot of nice deer from that stand!! I remember all the stories!!  I really miss him.  Sometimes when I walk in the house, I half-expect to see him in his recliner, watching the Brewers like he always did.  But then I snap back to reality.  He's gone.  But to a much better place.  And I'll get to see him again someday, where I'm sure I'll find him in the "big recliner in the sky" watching the Brewers still.
Now, I had to get carrots.  So we headed to the garden and I took some pics of the flowers (again, on my camera...grrr.) and walked around and checked everything out and the hubby dug up the carrots and I was in charge of "de-topping and bagging."  Breezed by the in-law's to say "hi" and then it was back home so I could get in the shower. 
Mom, Pat and I went to Romy's (Kelly Lake) to finalize the plans for my dad's 60th surprise birthday party next month! And we dined on some of the finest tenderloin tips while we were there too!  Oh, they were so juicy and so yummy!  Mom and Pat were silly and ate a salad...ha, I'm way smarter than that! I waited for the good stuff!!  They were full by the time the meal hit the table! NOT ME!!! HAHAHAHA!
I told them prior to this little adventure that I needed to be home by 7:00 because my new favorite show was on, "The Vampire Diaries" did not disaapoint!  I don't care what anyone says, this is a goooooood show!  It's sort of "Buffy meets Twilight-ish".  Both of which are up my alley.  Stefan you can suck my neck ANY DAY!  The rest of the night was spent watching more tv.  Supernatural followed by the season primier of The Mentalist...which was soooooo good as well!  Love me some Simon Baker! :o)
So this morning Pat woke me up and it was straight to work I went.  Chopping, peeling, blanching (not in that specific order) vegetables and getting them ready to be canned.  It took a very long time, but by 1:00 I had something vaguely resembling the best veggie soup ever and Pat and Dad confirmed it!  Pat was eating right out of the pot...which I DID NOT LIKE!  I don't like being crowded when I'm workin' my cooking "mojo".  One batch is done, the other pressure cooking at 10 pounds as we speak.  I'm tired.  I can't wait to take a shower and get in my jammies! 
Tomorrow morning is cake tasting with Tiddy!! WOOT!!!  Love wedding planning! Especially the tasty parts!

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